How Can Linux Forums Help

Before we get to the topic related to Linux forums and how they can help with this operating system, we will go first with a short introduction on how things have evolved throughout the years. This system has been created as a modified copy of UNIX OS.

At the beginning in the 60s you could have found computers in the form of heavy, bulky machines operating on codes and this has stayed the same (maybe with a few changes here and there) up until the 80s when developers started to design more effective systems that didn't need to be limited to that large machine. As such Bill Gates came up with Windows operating system and programming professionals have designed an improved alternative of UNIX that is known as Linux.

It is a big difference between the Linux of those past days and the one that you find these days since there is no need for users to understand codes in order to operate in this system. Nevertheless, computers users have scarcely been introduced to Linux with many of them getting accustomed to the Windows GUI - Graphics User Interface.

When I have first started to operate in computer (back in the late 90s) it has happened also with the Windows although I got as well introduced to Linux but only for a short period of time. In the meanwhile I got a job in an office where Windows OS was used and I have almost forgotten about Linux. Of course that my work was mostly related to editing and a few basic accounting records to keep for which I was quite comfortable to operate in Windows.

But if you were to listen to all those experts and computer developers, you would find out that they all agree on Linux as being a better and safer alternative to Windows. Security levels are higher than they are granted with Windows, but it seems that for the common user, Linux still presents problems of compatibility with those Windows based tools. If you read this article, you must be in search of a way to help you switch to Linux operating system and this is where Linux forums can be of a great support.

These forums are platforms designed to discuss about topics of interest where people sharing the same interest join into asking questions, getting answers and mainly discuss around the common issues. You will be surprised to find out that many forms of Linux are discussed over in these forums, such as Cent OS, Arch, Debian and others.

At the same time Linux forums are a great source for developers in search of designing programs that need to be compatible with Linux OS. As a beginner in Linux you will always find these forums helpful tools to assist into reviewing any book that is written for Linux users.