A Few Useful Facts on Playing Windows Games on Linux

If you have chosen Linux as your operating system you must know that it can offer as well the possibility of playing Windows games. Not many computer users are aware of this thing, in fact many believe that it is impossible to do this as long as the game is operable in Windows.

Well, this is clearly a misconception and throughout this article you will be introduced to many ways through which you can play Windows games on Linux:

- One way is to use Wine as the program to allow you play games such as World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, as well as many others. It is important to know that Wine here plays the role of a translation layer enabling Windows apps to run on Linux making it an integrating program to other compatible OSs. Another thing that you will be amazed by is the glare you get on the desktop when using Wine since Windows programs are perfectly run on Wine program.

- Another way is to use PlayOnLinux, a software package allowing you to easily install programs or games that have been initially designed to work on Windows. This comes as a more advanced alternative to Wine program making it be more intuitive and more easily to manipulate. On the other hand, Linux users will write scripts in order to manage all those complexities that are presented with several programs while the script ends up being released through PlayOnLinux program.

- CrossOver Linux is the perfect solution for installing Windows output apps, games in Linux, plug-ins (to connect Linux directly to the browser) without needing licensed version Microsoft OS. At the same time, CrossOver Linux offers fats access presenting a smooth interface to support Windows apps running them fast and in a simple manner. KDE or Gnome technology is used to make the software almost perfectly operable. You may be able to work on Windows while playing games on Linux. The use of either these two technologies enables you to get richer files when working on Word, Power Point or Excel.

- Cedega comes as the software designed by Transgaming technologies and is also known as WineX because it addresses entirely the world of gamers. It targets to games written in Windows that can be played on Linux. One piece of advice with this one: you have to subscribe this program if you want to enjoy the gaming experience at its fullest. The performance is perfect with Cedega because it adds to the core of gaming on Linux with adjoining Microsoft Direct X API.

The installation process takes place no differently than with the others: just insert the disc, run the setup.exe and there you have it, the installing reaches to its end and off you go with your perfect gaming experience.