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Here we'll talk about topics of interest to Linux gamers including game reviews, using software like WINE to run Windows games on Linux, and even touch on developing games for the Linux platform.

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Do you want to play those games you use to play in Windows? One of the powerful applications on Linux is Wine. Wine (Wine Is Not Emulator) is a free software that lets a Linux users run Windows-based software. Wine is not only able to run games, but also can be used to run applications.

So you can run Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, .NET Framework and more. Games for Linux are usually free. Among the most popular games for Linux there are Tremulous, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Nexuiz, Battle For Wesnoth and Frets on Fire.

Latest Review: Super Tux Kart

We'll kick off the site with a review of what is - so far - my favorite native Linux game - Super Tux Kart. I'll put a link to download it at the bottom.

I play it on my Ubuntu 10.04 laptop with 1 GB of RAM and I'll update this post with my processor specs at a later date.

First of all, this game is clearly inspired by Mario Kart and is every bit as fun to play. It features its main character 'Tux' - the popular Linux penguin - and a host of other original characters that each seem to handle slightly differently during game-play (or maybe it's just me). And then there's EvilTux

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good for an open source 3D game with no commercial backing (to the best of my knowledge). The tracks that come with the game are pretty enough and range from beach settings to traditional race tracks and even what looks like a table in a math class (complete with pencils and books as obstacles). Definitely easy enough on the eyes. 8 /10

Sound: Maybe it's just me but I'm not a big fan of the sound effects. They're realistic and the music is okay but I seem to always turn them off as a distraction. 6 / 10

Gameplay: Well it doesn't handle like Need For Speed that's for sure! Still, it'll take just a couple races to get used to the feel of the controls and it's really easy to change the configuration to something you're more comfortable with. 8 / 10

P.S. It took me a while to figure out that there's a separate control you can configure for taking sharp turns. You NEED to set it up for easy access via your keyboard to get through some of the more challenging tracks!

Summary: It's a great free game and - in my opinion - the best racing game out there for Linux at the moment. It comes with a lot of tracks (plus more you can earn by completing challenges) and lets you use items to 'ding' your opponents in fun ways or give yourself a nitro speed boost. It also has multi-player capability but I've yet to try it out. The link to the Sourceforge page where you can download the game is below!


Send comments or email me if there's a game you'd like me to review or anything you'd like to see or talk about Linux Gaming!

Free Damn Small Linux Games

Many people find that Damn Small Linux is an excellent tool for mastering Linux commands and running the Linux operating system. But what if you have no interest in becoming a computer nerd; can this software still be useful to regular people? The answer is a resounding yes. You can use this tiny operating system whether or not you want to learn the sometimes gruesome details of operating systems. This article presents several free games that are immediately available once you have downloaded and installed Damn Small Linux.

To access these games either click on the DSL button in the lower-left hand corner or on the Apps icon toward the top of the screen. Then open the Games: there are eleven; Canfield, Freecell, Golf, Mastermind, Minesweeper, Pegged, Slide_Puzzle, Solitaire, Taipei, Thornq, and Xtris and Taiedit which is not a game, but a game editor. We will look at the games in order starting with Slide_Puzzle. As with any gaming systems, you must be careful not to get addicted.

Part 1

Part 2

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